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LAME PROLOGUE [Oct. 28th, 2009|11:14 pm]
Cor Sine Corde

Prince of the Garden- PrologueCollapse )
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BBS TRAILER WITH EVEN, DILAIN, AND AELEUS [Oct. 25th, 2009|09:13 am]
Cor Sine Corde



Those guard uniforms are SEXY.

And Even....is also very sexy.  Because he's Even. 

Apprentice love begins 3:52, but the rest of the trailer is also interesting.  And in Japanese.  But translations are on the sidebar!
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Xaldin fic I forgot I had! [Oct. 20th, 2009|11:26 am]
Cor Sine Corde


Random fun yay?  This thing is ANCIENT, but kinda fun, and I'm sorry I forgot to post it here.
Basically, Xaldin took a mission in Wonderland, and ends up at the Mad Tea Party.  Yes, my mind is full of crack.
Completely G-rating and a little bit of Xigbar in the end.
We're All Mad HereCollapse )
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Fic: Dump of the Bromantic Kind [Xigbar&Xaldin] [Oct. 19th, 2009|11:46 pm]
Cor Sine Corde

[Current Music |Where You Belong ~ Kaijin]

Warning: at the highest, PG-13 for language and... Xigbar's choice in conversation? Though it will definitely go up in that last fic.
Notes: So, my good friend trilies inadverdantly brought it to my attention that I haven't been posting to this most awesome of comms at all recently. And since these two may have recently become my favourite relationship in my biggest fandom (and since that last fic is part one of three and I'm stuck on part two):

Here. Have a Xigbar&Xaldin dump. And bask in it.

...Unless you don't want to. xD You've certainly heard enough of me and these two so...

Title: Platonic
Genre: Friendship, Fluff
Word Length: 1031
Notes: My apologies to... every philosopher ever? This may not be terribly accurate, especially since when did Radiant Garden start studying philosophers from Earth? Oh, who knows.

I was incredibly unsure about this when I first posted it and I still am, because it's... sort of my philosophy regarding friendship? And it's probably really biased and old. :/

( Braig doesn't like Søren Kierkegaard. )

Title: Elysium
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Introspective
Word Length: 726
Notes: This fic makes me cry sometimes because I am a huge sap.

( Mild violence is greater than and equal to love. )

Title: Gravity of the Situation - Part 1: Crumble
Genre: Friendship, Action/Adventure, Angst
Word Length: 1727
Notes: Nnngh, I was going to try and post this here when it was complete, but I've hit a huge block towards the end of part 2, and maybe cross-posting it will help it get unstuck.

Gravity is based on a mental image I've had for the longest time. About what Xigbar might look like if he ever lost control of his powers. And yes. It gets worse. Eventually. Once I finish part 2.

( In which matters of the heart are discussed. )
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I have... THE POWER [Oct. 19th, 2009|06:18 am]
Cor Sine Corde

The two recent fics that have been posted here seem to have renewed my energy to write fic.  For waaaay too long, I've been shifting away from the KH fandom, due to certain unnamed fanbrats and the utter bastardization of my favorite characters.  But, I have realized, this is not the fault of the characters, more of the fanbrats who unfortunately take up the majority of fandom.

I need to get my drive to write back.  I've been holding myself back with doubt and despair, and in these times where my depression takes hold of me, I need to fight back and do something productive and FUN.  For way too long, I have been lacking in the fun of story-writing.  I've been too busy thinking about using writing as a way to gain financial independence (HA) to remember that this is what I LOVE TO DO.

Now, not to spend this whole entry bitching and whining, I've decided to take up a single, multi-chapter fic Even/Vexen centric.  Problem is, I don't know which one to choose.  I have three options:

Finish "Intelligence and the Mecha Flora Monster", a MarluxiaVexen fic I abandoned two years ago, in which bratty teenage heir Vexen is engaged to Luxord, and runs away to a ruined castle, inhabited by a giant mechanism named "Marluxia", a former prince cursed by the White Witch, Naminé for his cruelty.  Mayhem ensues as Marluxia attempts to court the uncourtable Vexen, seeing as he has to have someone fall in love with him or else he croaks.  (This would be posted on Frosted_Flowers, instead of here)

Start working on "Fire and Ice" (title subject to change), VekuAku, where due to the characterization of Vexen in a lot of fic these days, the Chilly Academic becomes Bishiefied.  The only one who is not subjected to horrid nosebleeds is Axel, and he is forced to accompany Vexen into the internet, where they encounter various warring tribes in exotic and foreign lands such as "El Jay", "Di A", and "The Pit". (This would be posted here, as there is no VekuAku comm that I'm aware of here)

Start working on  "Prince of Paradise" (title subject to change), Even-centric with hints of various Apprentice-ships, including Evanort.  Although the son of Ansem the Wise, Prince Even's childhood was relatively normal.  Ish.  Kinda.  Not really.  As a young child, he was introduced to four other Apprentices, who would later become his closest friends and then his colleauges both under his father and as Nobodies in Organization XIII.  What starts as a simple tale of childhood becomes bitter and twisted as the engimatic Xehanort joins the Apprentices.  Rivalries, Darkness, and Science prevail as Even and Xehanort pull Radiant Garden and its inhabitants towards their inevitable downfall.  (Posted here).

What should I go with? 
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What's This? [Oct. 18th, 2009|02:03 pm]
Cor Sine Corde


Title: What's This
Author: Trilies
Genre: Friendship, fluff, a bit of humor, and Even's bitching. Wait, that's not a genre?
Word length: 1582
Sypnosis "Snow? You're sure that's what it is?"
Rating: PG, for some playful snowball violence
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Even&Ienzo friendship, Braig&Dilan friendship, and Ansem&Aeleus friendship because they're hilarious in how relaxed they are.
Notes: I love writing the apprentices. I dooo. Also, that title is shamelessly stolen from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Haven't you ever seen snow before?
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I just realized no one seems to think Vexen is heterosexual (fic, I swear) [Oct. 18th, 2009|09:35 am]
Cor Sine Corde

No, seriously. It's like... Now I don't know how to explain it. XD But it's like they're either manly men (Xaldin, Xigbar, Lexaeus) or they're bishonen enough to get with a cute girl. (Zexion) Vexen doesn't really fit into either categories (although he is handsome, especially when he's not being a smug bastard or overreacting), soooo...
Also, 411 is for some reason strangely extremely popular for reasons I don't understand. <sub>Also grossly mischaracterized half the time, but I digress....</sub>

So here. Some Vexen het with another hot scientist. Y Halo Thar, Lucrecia Crescent of the FF7 series!
Also, fakecuts ahoy.

Title: Puddles of Ice
Author Trilies
Genre Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Word length 669
Sypnosis Nobodies can't understand the pain of loss. That's what Lucrecia thinks, at first, but Vexen continues to surprise her.
Rating G
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Vexen/Lucrecia Crescent of the Final Fantasy VII game
Note: Okay, so. Explanation time is now. In a roleplay I am currently engaged in, the ending of KH1 ends up a bit different: instead of killing Xehanort!Heartless, Sora doesn't, and the Org. seizes control of Kingdom Heart's power for their own control. Each member gets a bit of power, and a world to rule, some (like Traverse Town) put on lockdown. Vexen gets Bristol Spaceport, from the movie Treasure Planet. (There were only so many KH canon ones to go around.  That turns out to be the place where he happens to meet one KHfied Lucrecia Crescent, and they click. Thank god some one is mellow enough to deal with him, since Lexaeus is off dealing with his own drama in Deep Jungle. Eventually, me and the Lucrecia RPer, a good friend of mine, decided hey, let's make it a pairing. Because. (Hey, we're mellow over there. XD ) We both quickly grew to love it.
Now, just a few nights ago, Ana (the RPer) began to experience some shitty family life. I won't go any further, since it's her life and all, but she was feeling in the dumps. Since I'm a bleeding heart who can't stand to see her friend's feel shitty, I quickly vowed to get her something revolving around her latest favorite couple to cheer her up, whether it was art from other people or writing. This was just my little contribution to make her smile. Loves, Ana. 

Nothing is unrepairable.

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News: Nomura Interview [The Original Six] [Jul. 3rd, 2009|02:56 pm]
Cor Sine Corde


So littlecatlost sent me this interview today. I skimmed due to the spoilery feelings I was getting (rrrgh I already know too much about Xion why so weak self) but! I did read this:

–Will the relationship between Sora and ‘him, Xemnas, and Xigbar be revealed in Birth by Sleep?

Nomura: Please look forward to it. In Birth by Sleep, the initial Organization members appear, but I can’t say they play an active part. At that time, they were humans. Pay attention to Xigbar in particular. Although, when you think you understand his true nature… The mystery may deepen even more. (Laughs) He has a different standing than the other Organization members, there’s speculation about his original form.

Speculation about Xigbar's original form? Hm. Now that's gotta be interesting.

'the initial Organization members appear'. fjksl;dfjadjfadfa yes bloody hell fuck yeah yes
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Fic: Icing on the Cake [Even, Braig, Dilan] [Jun. 19th, 2009|07:53 pm]
Cor Sine Corde


Warning: Coarse language
Notes: For cygna_hime's exceedingly belated birthday! ♥

( Oh, who will rescue our brave dragon hunters? Who? )
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So. Yeah. Late to the party. [Jun. 9th, 2009|04:54 pm]
Cor Sine Corde

[Tags|, ]


See, last month, I decided to both challenge myself and shower some love on everyone's favorite Silent Hero. Which I did, surprisingly enough. For almost an entire month, I wrote one Lexaeus one-shot a day. (I say 'almost' because I quit after, like, the 20th. Goddamn, I'm tired just thinking about it. So tired. Which is why you haven't gotten this thing until today. ) Most of the time, I tried to ship him with some one, although some characters told me rather kindly what I could do with myself. And by 'kindly', I mean they laughed in my face and went along to burn an orphanage or something. (Screw you, Axel, screw you.)

Still. Almost just about everyone got mentioned. Somehow.

Now, you're probably wondering (or not, I lack telepathy) how I paired him up 20 different ways. Well, after I finished with the Organization, I remembered how Tuna shipped (and in turn made me ship) Lexaeus/Nakoma and figured "Why the hell not?" So, yeah, I started shipping him with everyone else in the games too, because Lexaeus needs more het. I even used some of the Disney Princesses! Kind of.

ALSO: A few things should be noted before I shove you towards the folder I've made of my blood and tears.

I. I did indeed write Lexaeus/Xion, but it was COMPLETELY before 362 days was released, alright? So, on the bright side, you won't have to worry about any spoilers! Because everything is completely B.S.ing it wrong. So much not-true stuff. Yeah. The only thing I had to go on, in fact, was that she 'kept running away', or at least that's how I remembered it. So. Yeah. No spoilers?

II. I don't have every single fic I've written for Lexmonth up on my LJ, yet. It's all on my Gaia Online journal, where I keep all my fic in the works and such. This will be amended every few days, so the folder will get bigger. Trust me. Just... do it. Yes.

III. Oh, yeah, and did I mention I did one for almost every day? That means I wrote it as quick and with as much IC as I could muster. Things will probably be wrong. Feel free to correct him on this kind of stuff.

You're probably sick of hearing me babble, so here's the link to the Lexmonth folder.

Oh, yeah, and I also did some Lexaeus/Nakoma art, but that's after the fact. Still? Um? Yeah?

Also, this comm better not be going dead, I will just bawww my eyes out.
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